1: Please be respectful to everyone inside and outside of the server. Being rude or disrespectful to anyone could result in a moderation action.

2: Spamming (sending the same message indiscriminately to large numbers of recipients on the Internet) is not allowed in any channel on this server, voice or chat. Spamming will result in a moderation action.

3: Swearing and NSFW content (Not Suitable For Work) is not allowed - this includes bypassing the filters.

4: Targeting someone in order to provoke them is forbidden. This goes hand in hand with rule 1. Being disrespectful and rude to someone in order to provoke them will result in a moderation action.

5: Attempting to 'raid' this server or other servers will result in an immediate ban.

6:Messages with potentially harmful files (.exes, etc) will be removed immediately. Repeated attempts at posting messages with harmful files will result in harsh moderation actions.

7: Advertising in any form is not allowed in this server, unless already planned and discussed with an @Organizer.

8: Selfbots are not permitted.

9: Impersonating any user will result in a moderation action. If you believe someone is impersonating you please contact an organizer to resolve the issue.

10: Arguing with staff about a moderation action or instruction could result in a warning or possibly harsher moderation action.

11: No religious and/or politics or other controversial topics.

12: Don't harass/spam users through DMs.

13: All members must abide by and agree to HackTable’s Code of Conduct